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Travel. Paris, France.

Title: Over Paris
Artist: Kerne Erickson

About the Artwork
For over 30 years, award-winning artist Kerne Erickson’s retro-style travel posters have been taking viewers ‘on location’ to popular and fabled destinations around the globe. Inspired by vintage vacation photos, brochures and other graphics, his depictions are painstakingly researched and meticulously depicted for historical accuracy as well as irresistible nostalgia. Erickson, a graduate of Los Angeles Art Center College, worked for years as a freelance graphic artist on client commissions which served to develop his distinctive style.

Title: Paris a 2.000 Ans
Artist: Raymond Savignac

Title: Airplane Flying over Paris, France

Title: Eiffel Tower and Various Paris Motifs

Title: Ballooning Over Paris
Artist: Isiah and Benjamin Lane

About the Artwork
Carefree simplicity colors the bright balloons in Isiah and Benjamin Lane’s “Ballooning Over Paris.” . When they were children, the twin Lane brothers taught themselves to draw and paint, encouraged by their artistic parents. The dreamlike nostalgia of “Ballooning Over Paris” is an escape to simpler time.

Title: Paris International Expo

Title: Exposition Internationale, Paris

Title: Grandes Fetes de Paris
Artist: Adolphe Mouron Cassandre

Title: Paris
Artist: Adolphe Mouron Cassandre

About the Artwork
Groundbreaking French artist Cassandre (1901 – 1968) revitalized poster design and its psychological impact with ads intended to be seen from fast-moving vehicles. Born Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, he conceptualized a succession of posters that could be rapidly viewed to form a complete idea. He believed that an ad’s words and images must instantly evoke strong emotions and mental associations. Inspired by Cubism, his posters were very geometric and mathematically structured. Cassandre innovated several fonts, and always started his posters by first painting the text. A prolific artist, Cassandre also designed covers for Harper’s Bazaar as well as the Yves Saint Laurent logo.

Title: Universal Exposition Fair, Paris

Title: Paris, Southern Railway, circa 1932
Artist: Griffin

Title: Paris Art Exposition, c.1925
Artist: Robert Bonfils

Title: French Lottery, Eiffel Tower

Title: Paris, 1924
Artist: Fabrice De Villeneuve

About the Artwork
Contemporary artist Fabrice De Villeneuve conveys the charm and simplicity of a bygone era in France. Born in northern France, De Villeneuve was deeply inspired by his childhood upbringing amid gardens by the ocean, and later by the enchanting artifacts he sold as an antique dealer. Encompassing trompe-l’oeil, florals and interior scenes, his work exudes the warm luster of romance and nostalgia. De Villeneuve’s work has been spotlighted in numerous publications on international design.

Title: Large Letter Paris, France

Title: Large Letter Parisian Scenes, France


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Apr. 5th, 2009 10:30 am (UTC)
This is really nice
This is really nice, especially the posters on the Eiffel tower. Didn't know that there was another exposition in 1937.
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