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Vintage Chocolatе Advertisements

Title: Chocolat Au Lait Fuchard
Artist: Leonetto Cappiello

About the Artwork
Called the father of the modern poster, Italian artist Leonetto Cappiello (1875 – 1942) made advertising posters modern and collectible. Cappiello, who was self-taught, began as a caricaturist and escalated to the early 20th century’s most acclaimed European artist. Cleverly linking products with vivid, memorable images, he produced 1,000 imaginative posters for beverages, ballet, literature, plays, travel and music halls in four decades. Leading the Art Deco movement, Cappiello’s techniques are still vital to modern advertising.

Title: Chocolat Menier

Title: Nestle
Artist: Achille Luciano Mauzan

About the Artwork
Renowned Italian poster artist Luciano Achille Mauzan (1881 – 1952) transformed viewers into buyers with bold, humorous advertisements. An Art Deco illustrator who was also versed in a variety of art forms, Mauzan created over 2,000 product, event and war posters during the Golden Era of Posters. His later style was influenced by avant-garde Cubism. Strong, appealing graphics also adorned over the more than 1,000 postcards that Mauzan designed in his lifetime.

Title: Nestle's Milk Chocolate, Choc-Full of Goodness!

Title: Nestle Chocolat
Artist: Karl Bickel

Title: Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars

Title: Chocolat Bonatti

Title: Chocolat Besnier Le Mans

Title: Chocolat Au Lait

Title: Chocolat Suchard

Title: Chocolat Lanvin

Title: Chocolat du Sport Vintage Poster - Europe

Title: Chocolat Turnne

Title: Chocolat Kohler

Title: Chocolat Fondant
Artist: Onwy

Title: Chocolat Besnier Exiger La Marque

Title: Chocolat Meyers
Artist: Firmin Etienne Bouisset

Title: Chocolat Schaal

Title: Chocolat Pailhasson Lourdes

Title: Cida Chocolate, Graphics
Artist: Jean D'Ylen